About EAS





EAS is a premier legal career services organization servicing the separate, yet intimately connected fields of attorney placement, career coaching and hiring consulting using the latest Web 2.0 technology.


We are an invitation only network of Client Members. What distinguishes us from our competitors is how we blend our totally transparent step by step approach with the latest technology for a unique open relationship with thousands of attorneys around the world.

It’s simple. We believe information transparency is key to career progression. And that information needs to be impartial, comprehensive, more accessible and more useful. This is why we offer each attorney complementary access to our privately owned and controlled Web 2.0 Online Client Portal, including our proprietary Web 2.0 Online Job Database.


And to strengthen the entire experience we employ cognitive, social and occupational psychology professionals to help better shape our analysis, guidance and personal counsel throughout the entire process, the only collaboration of its kind in the industry.


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Our Management


The marriage of these extremely disparate, yet highly complimentary skill sets, passions and points of perspective has spawned the most comprehensive and effective model for catering to the needs of the most discerning attorneys in the market today.


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Our People


We´re a better kind of placement firm and one of the key ingredients to our success is our people. Pick a professional or life experience, and we can pretty much guarantee that one of our people has had it.


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