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The more than five million people that live and work in Atlanta will be happy to tell you that Atlanta has quietly been the largest city in the Southeast for quite a while now. The commercial, residential, and mixed use property business is still booming as more businesses and people are eager to take advantage of the lower cost of living offered in Atlanta. Atlanta is attractive enough to the business community to be home to a number of firms of ‘Big Law’ stature. Most of the larger firms are in the midtown section of Atlanta while the mid-sized and smaller firms will generally do business downtown.


Atlanta has a motto of “City Lights, Southern Nights” and it couldn’t be more apt. The lifestyle of the genteel south still exists amongst the hustle and bustle of a world class business climate. To work and live in Atlanta you may not even need to take the Georgia general bar examination so long as you can pass a one day Attorney’s Examination. After you pass the Attorney’s Examination you’ll be ready to go to work and enjoy Atlanta.


The green spaces interspersed throughout Atlanta make it possible to forget that it is one of the busiest cities in America. Driving in Atlanta also allows you to forget you are in a major city. Atlanta has a well deserved reputation for being one of the easiest cities in America to drive in. None of the gridlock that is common in other cities of comparable size exists in Atlanta. In fact the average commute for people living in the city of Atlanta is less than fifteen minutes.





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