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Attorney Placement


Using our Web 2.0 Online Client Portal we provide attorneys a totally transparent step by step approach to attorney placement that is immediate, comprehensively effective and extremely simple at the client level.


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The Partner & Practice Group Initiative


We apply our unique methodologies to offer an intelligent, comprehensive and convenient marketing program focused on partner and practice group placement around the world.

We start by implementing our direct questioning modules to positively identify the cause of your discomfort in order to set a proper goal. Then with a clearly determined purpose we professionally market your talent. The result, the appropriate solution and the peace of mind that comes with being properly prepared and expertly marketed by dedicated and experienced professionals.


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The Aussie Initiative


If you're an Australian thinking about practicing law with a US firm, you will need a legal placement firm familiar with US firms that have a history of hiring Australians or may be interested in hiring an Australian.


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Cognitive Career Coaching


Cognitive Career Coaching offers an enjoyable career coaching solution using cognitive methods and proven temperament and personality profiling. Our program is flexible and tailored to meet the needs of each client member.


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