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Cognitive Career Coaching


Early in our development as a firm we came to the inevitable realization that simply finding greener pastures for our clients in most cases wasn’t good enough. The same types of questions, statements and issues would resurface time and again . . .


I don’t know what I would enjoy” . . . “I really don’t like being an attorney . . . so what now?” . . . ”My work is so important . . . I want to like it, but I don’t . . . I wish I knew why . . . ”
. . . “I just haven’t got the drive to make the change . . .


The reality is that being an attorney is one of just a number of roles you play on a daily basis. Although your career is the foundation for the development of your life as a whole, the ever changing course of your progression is still susceptible to the ebb and flow of life. These consistent and ever present demands caused us to engage in an unprecedented collaboration with cognitive, social and occupational psychologists and university professors to develop our patent pending Cognitive Career Coaching model.


Rooted in the most current advances in cognitive, social and occupational psychology comprising motivation and decision theory, task value, self-efficacy actualization and implicit and explicit goal setting, Cognitive Career Coaching is based on how the brain actually works rather than how it 'should' work.


Cognitive Career Coaching is very personal and its successful execution requires a deep understanding of our client’s needs and wants, whether they readily know them or not. We employ specific elicitation methodologies, formalized cognitive coaching processes for addressing issues and infinitely customizable modes of strategy mapping, implicit and explicit goal setting and plan execution.




The Program


Each Cognitive Career Coaching program is tailored to meet the individual needs of the particular client and the agreed outcomes of the program. The core of the program consists of online podcasts and exercises that help clients systematically work towards their goals but also have enough flexibility built in to allow clients to freely advance on their own time. You as the client drive and determine the pace and scope of the program. Most clients complete the program over a 3 to 6 month time frame.


The program commences with an initial introduction to the program and a face to face session clarifying the goals and outcomes of the program. After your initial session you will be required to complete a series of online lessons as your part in taking personal action towards your goals.


The online lessons are systematic and easy to follow and include listening to podcast tutorials, reviewing and completing the lesson exercises and practicing the application of each lesson in every day life. As a part of our Cognitive Career Coaching program we are the only firm to offer the Keirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter (KBTS)®


And we are the only firm to have each of our placement professionals certified to administer the KBTS.® The KBTS® is one of the most effective mechanisms for professionals to better their self-understanding and to recognize the way they approach the world, their profession and their roles in each and is relied upon as the world’s leading assessment tools for individuals, teams and organizations.


The KBTS ® is widely used by companies from starts-ups to multi national corporations as well as universities and colleges worldwide including Yale University and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania as well as General Electric, Bank of America and Deloitte just to name a few. Exclusive clients also have the ability to engage in additional face to face and phone meetings throughout the program.


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