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With so much on the line it is no longer sufficient for firms to simply judge their potential hires on chemistry and pre-formulated canned answers.


Developed alongside cognitive, social and occupational psychologists and university professors and using the most current research in the fields of cognitive, social and occupational psychology our Implicit Personality Profiling program teaches the interviewer how to uncover implicit information from the candidate that is tangential to an actual fit for both your culture and client demands.


Our Implicit Personality Profiling program is taught to hiring personnel during a face to face consultation and will cover the role and uses of cognitive, social and behavioral psychology in organizations to acquire and manage talent strategically.


A particular emphasis will be on the interview stage of acquiring talent and the development of questioning models and analysis frameworks to uncover implicit information from the candidate effectively.


We will look at case study evidence regarding the strategic role of cognitive, social and behavioral psychology in talent acquisition with the clear outcome of improving your ability to asses a candidate’s temperament and likely role within the organization right at the interview stage.


As part of our Implicit Personality Profiling program we are the only firm to offer the Keirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter (KBTS)® to potential hires. The KBTS® is one of the most effective mechanisms for professionals to better their self-understanding and to recognize the way they approach the world, their profession & their roles in each and is relied upon as the world’s leading assessment tools for individuals, teams & organizations.


The KBTS® is widely used by companies from starts-ups to multi national corporations as well as universities and colleges worldwide including Yale University and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania as well as General Electric, Bank of America and Deloitte just to name a few. We can even offer the KBTS® to star performers in your organization to see what type of personality fits best in your particular firm.


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