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EAS has pioneered the use of Web 2.0 technology to establish a global reach for top legal talent. With the first and only privately owned and controlled personalized Web 2.0 Online Client Portal in the industry, we are uniquely positioned to invest an unprecedented amount of time and resources into identifying, screening and educating our select clientele for all of the opportunities at your firm.


We believe that every successful partnership is based on trust and transparency. And for that reason, we developed the first and only privately owned and controlled personalized Web 2.0 Online Client Portal, where select Client Members have access to our proprietary Web 2.0 Online Job Database with thousands of up to the minute legal employment opportunities.


It’s quite simple. We believed that if we could use technology to create a transparent and open search process we would attract exceptional attorneys. And we would never have to ‘pitch’ opportunities to an attorney. Rather, they would partner with us to represent them, working collaboratively in a completely new type of relationship. It turns out we were right.


Here’s how it works.


We maintain all of the employment opportunities for each of our law firm clients in our private Web 2.0 Online Job Database. Throughout the year, our placement professionals identify thousands of potential Client Members based on strict academic and professional requirements. After a private consultation, select Client Members are provided secure access to our Web 2.0 Online Client Portal and our Web 2.0 Online Job Database, where they can search for opportunities that match their credentials and interests and even set email alerts for up to the minute notifications of new opportunities. Our placement professionals provide counsel, custom research and recommend opportunities that we believe would be a good fit based on our Client Members ’ detailed profiles.


If a law firm has a particularly pressing interest, our placement professionals are able to quickly contact each of our Client Members that may be a good fit, as well as discreetly approach exceptional attorneys outside of our Web 2.0 Online Client Portal network. The result, an exceptional candidate that is positive they found the right firm . . . your firm.


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