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Texas is hot, but it’s nothing compared to the hot legal market that is burning up Houston. The metropolitan area of Houston is home to more than five million people. These people work in financial institutions, insurance companies, energy, transportation and the real estate industry. With the wide variety of industry there are many exciting areas of law to pursue in Houston.

There will always be a huge demand for real estate, financial, immigration, litigation and of course, energy. As a major energy hub, most practices areas in one form or another touch upon the energy industry. The law firms in the Houston market typically have offices in Downtown Houston due to the close proximity to the courthouses and many of the planned residential communities. Most, if not all, of the larger firms are located in the Downtown area while smaller firms typically set up shop around the Galleria section which is about a fifteen minute ride from Downtown. Houston is unique amongst American cities in that there are very few zoning regulations.


The lack of zoning regulations has allowed some of the larger firms to set up satellite offices very close to planned communities which are a nice perk for the attorney. The lack of a commute is definitely a draw in a large city such as Houston. The lack of zoning laws can also create problems when a person is looking for a home in Houston. It is not uncommon for houses to be located next to busy restaurants or strip malls. It is recommended to use a real estate professional if you are relocating to Houston to avoid this type of problem.


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