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Miami, FL • 33131
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Miami is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, an incredible skyline, fairly affordable housing and a number of powerhouse and regional law firms. If you decide to head to South Beach, then you can consider yourself truly fortunate.


Miami is a hotbed of real estate, securities, import/export, immigration, environmental, litigation and international banking law. The giant firms that populate larger cities do exist here, but they are not as dominant as they are in larger cities. Most firms in Miami would be classified as medium or small firms in other larger cities. As such competition for jobs can be tough so you should be ready to listen if ‘Big Law’ comes calling.


The fact that Miami is one of the nicest places to live in the country makes the opportunities even scarcer in Miami. The world famous South Beach section has long been dominated by the Miami elite and it is not uncommon to see superstar athletes, A-list celebrities and the political power elite dining and dancing along South Beach.


Even though Miami is a southern city, or maybe even the southern city, the frantic pace of larger northern cities dominates the legal profession. This is not the genteel south many people picture. Law in Miami resembles New York more than Georgia.


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