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New York City is like no other place in the world and it has long been considered the place to be a high powered attorney in the United States. The international law firms, as well as the ‘true New York’ firms that do business here are highly competitive and the openings are greatly coveted. New York is the epitome of ‘Big Law’ and headline making deals.


The firms that operate out of New York handle the biggest deals and the hottest cases both in the United States and throughout the global markets. The level of sophistication in a New York firm is second to none. Lawyers from every area of law imaginable are sought in New York, but only the best and brightest receive offers. Of course, when Wall Street is bustling, many larger practices revolve around servicing the financial markets and all of its players.


New York is the often billed as the greatest city in the world, and it is a tough claim to dispute. From the worlds finest restaurants to clubs only celebs frequent, the night life in New York cannot be matched. If you are more interested in the arts than the clubs, then New York is also amongst the top one percent of places to enjoy a Broadway show or hit musical.


The Guggenheim, the Met, the New York Public Library, the American Museum of Natural History and more than fifty other museums are based in New York City alone. There is enough fine art in New York City to fully stock the museums of several smaller cities.


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