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Meet Our Team


We’re a better kind of firm and one of the key ingredients to our success is our people.


Pick a professional or life experience, and we can pretty much guarantee that one of our people has had it. And though our people come from diverse legal and academic backgrounds, the common thread among each of them is a genuine passion for helping others achieve their potential.


The selection and training requirements for our people are unquestionably the most progressive in the industry. Unlike our competitors, you can rest assure that this is a full-time career for every one of our placement professionals. There are no graduate students, novelists or wannabe actors moonlighting as recruiters here.


In fact, we are the only firm to require each placement professional hold a professional accreditation in one or more of the cognitive, social or occupational sciences in order to better apply our unique methodologies. They are also required to complete a specific training regimen throughout the year to attain essential inter-firm certifications from our management team.

What does all of this mean to you?


It means there’s zero selling. It means each placement professional employs specific elicitation methodologies to find the right 'fit.' It means you will receive exceptional support from any of our placement professionals at any of our locations. And this means you will be more informed, quicker to market, more thoroughly prepared, and better positioned than any of your competition.


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