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You knew the role of partner would be full of plenty of stressors, but you always believed it would enhance your life and the life of your family. But lately at work, at social settings and even at home with your family, you’re constantly experiencing conflicting feelings about your role at your firm. And you may not even be able to identify the cause of your unhappiness. You just know something needs to change.


This isn’t a hypothetical. The American Lawyer® reported that there were well over 2,000 lateral partner moves within AmLaw 200 firms last year. Unfortunately, they also revealed that nearly 20 percent of lateral partners who previously moved from their firm have already moved again. If you are a partner in a law firm interested in moving to another firm, clearly, getting this right is important, for you, and for your family.



Identifying the Problem


Why do partners leave their firms? Reasons vary, but all too often it’s a 'lack of support.' The reality is that for all too many firms “support” simply means that your title is updated on your business cards and biography on the website.


We believe you first need to positively identify the cause of your discomfort. In our experience, this stage of the process is too often hurried. If it is, you can almost guarantee you’ll end up with all the problems you had at your old firm albeit with a new set of faces and a quick press release commemorating it all.


We apply our unique elicitation methodologies to lateral partners and practice groups to determine the best ‘fit’ for your situation, and avoid the marketing traps to find a firm that truly integrates and supports your personal and professional goals.



Market Evaluation & Assessment


With a clearly determined goal it’s time to market your talent. We believe each partner and practice group's marketing plan should be comprehensive, with compensation just one aspect
of many to consider. A few key elements in our marketing program include:

    • · A comprehensive view of the entirety of the legal market based on you preferred region.

    • · A targeted short list of potential firms that will benefit from your expertise and address the issues currently causing your discomfort.

    • · A custom profile on the firm and the practice group in order to coordinate your marketing campaign around a cogent easily conveyed story.

    • · A character driven portrait of you that highlights notable past achievements and reinforces your expertise.



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