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The EAS Attorney Placement Process


Using our Web 2.0 Online Client Portal we provide attorneys a totally transparent step by step approach to attorney placement that is immediate, comprehensively effective and extremely simple at the client level.

To get started just fill out the form to ‘Become a Client Member.’ There is no commitment whatsoever and it won't cost you a thing. We just think you'll enjoy what we have to offer so much that you'll stick with us when the time comes to make a change in your career. And that's reward enough for us.

After a brief private conversation to introduce you to our unique open approach, your placement professional will provide you with a login account so you can start enjoying complementary access to our Web 2.0 Online Client Portal, including our proprietary Web 2.0 Online Job Database.

And whether you’re active or passive in your search, our professionals strengthen the entire search process from start to finish by implementing comprehensive cognitive, social and occupational psychology practices into our analysis, guidance and personal counsel.

What does all of this mean to you?

It means there’s zero selling. It means we employ specific elicitation methodologies to find the right fit. In short, it means you have a professional, consultative partner who will figure out what you want to do, why, what is stopping you and how to blast through it, all in a comprehensive, simple and enjoyable process using the latest technology.


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Scheduel a Private Consultation


There are no annoying cold calls. There is no selling you on the latest job opening. Utilizing a formalized directional questioning and filtering procedure your placement professional will carry you through a discovery process that will dictate the most efficient and effective usage of our process modules. Through this we will discover your objectives, interests and potential limitations to determine the level of service you will require.


At this point your placement professional will also provide you with the opportunity to take part in our Cognitive Career Coaching program. For our passive clients who just want to take a look around, we’ll educate you on our unique approach and then provide you with login access to our Web 2.0 Online Client Portal where you can familiarize yourself with our patent pending Transparent Placement Process and search our Web 2.0 Online Job Database.

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Market Evaluation & Assessment


Based on your unique goals your placement professional will apply our two stage filtering process by beginning with a Marketplace Analysis Report to provide a comprehensive view of the entire marketplace. Your placement professional will then concisely determine your targets with custom Firm Intelligence Reports based on the most comprehensive database available.


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After your brief Private Consultation and Market Evaluation & Assessment you’ll be provided immediate access to login to our Web 2.0 Online Client Portal and familiarize yourself with our patent pending Transparent Placement Process. We are open and forthright with any and all information regarding your search and you are privy to every step of the process with access to up to the minute status reports all at your fingertips.

In our Web 2.0 Online Client Portal you will have your own account with access to any and all information related to your search including up to the minute submittal status, feedback, customized research and much more. If you prefer to take a more active role in your search you can login to our Web 2.0 Online Client Portal and search our Web 2.0 Online Job Database.

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Application Process


Executed in tandem with our Market Evaluation & Assessment, your resume, deal sheet or matters list and writing samples will be capably handled by an accredited Certified Professional Resume Writer® in the field of legal resume writing and application preparation. We don’t just provide ‘tips’ or ‘pointers’ on your credentials and we don’t pass the buck to your placement professional. You’ll have a professional legal resume writer at your disposal.


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You’re in complete control. On your command, only when you’re completely satisfied do we launch your search. The moment we go to market you can login to our Web 2.0 Online Client Portal and track your progress with our Transparent Placement Process.


Of course, your placement professional is always there every step of the way to provide personal insights into the values and culture of each firm. As soon as we launch we will begin your Interview Preparation.


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Interview Preparation


A Certified Employment Interview Professional® will prepare your personal presentation and provide a professional interview evaluation using the most recent methods in rapport building, presuppositional semantics and body language instruction, to give you the competitive edge. Once again, we don’t just provide ‘tips’ or ‘pointers’ on your interview and we don’t pass the buck to your placement professional. You’ll have a professional interview coach at your disposal.


Using our interactive questioning systems, you will have a formalized Implicit Interview Elicitation system to effectively evaluate the probable fit of any potential employer. All of the scheduling details will be capably handled by your placement professional so that you can focus on your meetings, including Executive Car Service to and from any of your meetings so that you are in a serene state of mind during the entire day.


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Interview Assessment


After each interview your placement professional will engage you in a quick but thorough debriefing using our clearly defined questioning system to evaluate your results and make strategic changes if necessary. We can examine your response and if need be, readjust your search parameters, provide additional custom research and even additional interview instruction.


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Offer Evaluation & Negotiation


Our unique approach utilizes the most comprehensive offer evaluation frame work available. Well beyond salary and bonus charts. We provide side by side comparisons for each firm. We have thought of every angle, your decision will be completely informed, we guarantee. Your placement professional will advocate for you during the offer negotiation, not the law firm. We may wrinkle a few shirts in the process, but we will leave nothing on the table.


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Our services begin immediately upon acceptance to ensure a smooth transition. With formalized follow up procedures in place, your placement professional will be with you every step of the way as you transition and settle into your new position. Throughout the entire process your placement professional will be working closely with you to execute each step of our approach and you’ll enjoy our unique Professional Placement Services as your placement professional guides you through each step of the way.


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