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Resistance to Change May Hinder Your Development.


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Many of us will reflect on our lives over the past months when beginning a new year. Determining what you did well and what you’d like to improve and change may be some items on your assessment list.


The problem arises in making actual changes. Identifying problem areas are never a challenge, but gathering the motivation to start and continue with a change can hinder our efforts. This can be especially true for legal professionals.


Many attorneys will begin to consider a possible change at this point of time, whether they are not happy at their current firms, or want to pursue other interests or practice areas.


Catalysts for considering a move may be internal or external. Depending upon your opportunities for partnership consideration, you may decide to start looking. Some attorneys will simply wait until they are asked to move on.


Some mid-level associates are not proactive in continuing or improving their career path until they are asked.


Still, current partners that are employed at a firm that requires their effort in expanding marketing and business opportunities may wait to pursue this option until their bonuses decline.


Many lawyers are resistant to change, and must overcome this trait. Becoming too comfortable in a current situation will prevent future growth and improved results.


Accepting Inner Conflict

In order to make a change in your career or personal life, the first step is to recognize and accept the need for it. A possible change may require dealing with conflicting feelings by examining the positive and negative aspects.


Dealing with External Influences

Family and friends may influence your decision because they see you in a prestigious firm, earning a good living. However, your personal feelings may tell you to go ahead with the risk to pursue your true wants and needs.


Gathering the Needed Information

If you determine where it is that you want to go, you then need to decide how to get there. Seeking the advice of senior attorneys from other firms or a mentor may help you determine whether a change is right for you.


Taking advice from a network of other attorneys can serve as a reality check to your concerns. Are they valid, or exaggerated? Also consult with your family; they know you extremely well and may provide some assistance in determining the correct direction.


Using a Coach to Aid in a Transition

You may need to consider hiring a coach to help you in this process if it seems to daunting on your own. A coach will understand the process from beginning to end, and help support you by providing unique market insights, pros and cons.


Help in analyzing risks and determining your action plan is priceless. A coach may determine you should stay in your current position, or that you need to develop your skills further before a change is advantageous. It is especially useful to hire a coach if you find yourself wanting change, but no motivation to move forward with the process.


The constant changes in the legal industry require continued adaptations and developments to remain successful. Learning to identify and keep your conflicted inner feelings under control will often help you to implement necessary changes, and maintain personal balance in the future.


Enjoy online access to a variety of contemporary articles and insights on the legal profession and many other useful features in our Career Resource Library.


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