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The Cognitive Career Map


Cognitive Career Map

The Cognitive Career Map, by David J. Parnell, is a practical guide to the basic theory, skills, and applications of cognitive psychology and provides a complete illustration of how these techniques can be applied to the corporate and business world to achieve career advancement and fulfillment. Inertia, ambivalence and procrastination are byproducts of implicit and explicit incongruence. As such, you need to determine what the incongruency is and how to remedy it. One of the amazing benefits of uncovering this information is that you are given an overtly clear map of what parameters will fulfill your drive for happiness in your career. In using these parameters as a filter you are able to, with pin point accuracy, determine career direction, specific responsibility needs and even specific environmental and cultural components necessary for you to be fulfilled in your career. In understanding this, you will be able to work with your mind, rather than push against it, to achieve the career fulfillment you have been searching for all your life.


Well supported by research, cognitive psychology has become a widely practiced and popular
therapeutic approach. For those new to the approach this practical book begins with a well
written and user-friendly translation of cognitive psychology and theory and provides a clear
explanation of how our mind works from the cellular, neurological and psychological levels to
produce the emotions of motivation, interest, drive and fulfillment. The simple layout of the
techniques in this book provides any career professional with all of the tools necessary for uncovering what specifically drives them and how to appropriately analyze it as it relates to their career fulfillment. In turn, you will develop a filter that shows you what specifically will offer you value-based happiness in your career and how exactly to work with naturally occurring motivation to accomplish it.


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