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San Francisco is often overlooked by many in the legal community in favor of Los Angeles, but San Francisco is one of the most exciting areas in the nation to live and work. The quality of life in San Francisco is second to none. The law climate in San Francisco is a combination of frenetic and collegial. Networking in San Francisco is easier to do than in many of the other cities the larger law firms do business in.


Areas of law that are in demand in San Francisco include real estate, litigation, corporate and, perhaps more than any other, intellectual property and technology. San Francisco is a very inclusive place to live and work so being from out of state is not a problem. To practice law in California you will have to pass the California bar in most cases.


The business climate in San Francisco is surprisingly competitive for a city with the reputation of being laid back. Google, Intel, Pixar, Industrial Light and Magic and Wells Fargo are all huge industry players that call San Francisco home.


San Francisco is considered a lifestyle city which basically means that most firms are very accommodating to a good balance between work and home. Most firms in San Francisco have a very distinct personality regarding their outlook on the work/life balance.


San Francisco is among the most beautiful cities on earth. The majestic sight of the Golden Gate Bridge welcomes visitors and it actually gets better from there. San Francisco is as diverse a city that exists in America today. It is a true melting pot with large Russian, Spanish, Italian, Cantonese and French populations.



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