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Washington, D.C. is possibly the most interesting place there is to practice law and the ‘Big Law’ firms that attract a horde of applicants each year certainly think so too.


Government is the biggest industry in Washington, D.C. and Congress is the driving force behind the cities economy due to the fact that when they are in session their staff, colleagues and lobbyists are all in town. When Congress is not in session the city resembles a quiet suburb. There are plenty of tables at the best restaurants, getting a cab is cinch and even driving through town is less of a chore.


Most of the larger law firms are located in the area between 7th and 12th streets. The firms do big business in many areas of the law including; contractual law, government work, litigation and intellectual property. Since the Federal government is run out of Washington, D.C. virtually every type of law is in demand. The FCC, EPA, Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the International Trade Commission, just to name a few, are located in Washington, D.C.


If a short commute is important to you there are several nice neighborhoods that are nearby including, Cleveland Park, Chevy Chase and the Palisades. Prices are similar to other medium to large cities and renting is an affordable option. If you don’t mind a longer commute then residing in Maryland or Northern Virginia is another option to explore.








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